Sarcoptic Mange?

I am at a loss here. I have been trying to treat my 2 dogs, 2 cats, and myself for sarcoptic mange for almost 3 months now. I cannot get rid of it, no matter what I do. My vet diagnosed one of my cats with it and then eventually everyone in the house got it. I am using ivermectin paste, and still have some ivermectin injectible left. I have been cleaning the floors with water and bleach, and spraying the couches with permethrin spray. the dogs are not suffering like my cats though. i have one cat quarantined in a bedroom which i cleared out, because he seems to be suffering the most. I don’t know what else to do. Is there anyone out there who can help me with this. I am using sulfur lotion on me to keep the bites down. I have used permethrin lotion from my doctor on myself also, but that only helps me for a few days and then the biting comes back. I have closed the doggy door so none of the animals can get out of the house. I used lym-sulfur dip on them. Please help me!!
Can I use any other dips on the cats beside the lym-dip? Is the lym-dip toxic to cats?
what other spray can I use to kill the mites around the house. I have read that the mites don’t live very long off the host, but I am thinking they do… because it’s been 3 months and I can’t get rid of them.
I have revolution and am using it on the cats already. I have not called an exterminator yet, because of the cost, but it looks like I should do this ASAP.

You should try using Revolution topical treatment on all of the animals. It kills sarcoptic mange, and is applied once monthly. It also kills fleas, and prevents heartworm disease, in both cats and dogs. It may provide a longer lasting treatment than dips. You can also have your vet call the company that makes Revolution, to see how often it can be safely applied, if it is needed more often than monthly. It has worked really well on some of my patients.

You can use lym-sulfur dips on cats, but you have to read the package carefully. Be really careful mixing insecticides as well, because cats are really sensitive to them.

You need to treat everything the same day, and most likely repeat it in 2-3 weeks. i would also consider contacting an exterminator. You will have to keep the animals out of the house for at least the day, but it might be enough to get the mites out.

No advice on how to treat yourself, though. Ask your doctor if there is more that you can do.