My Dad’s neighbour’s cat has huge clumps in it’s fur is this likely to be mange?

I visited my Dad & was appalled to see his neighbour’s cat who has many clumps of matted fur on her back. She’s a black medium length coat cat appx 18 yrs old. Neighbour claims she’s taken the cat to the vet but that the vet said it was mange and the cat needs her fur clipped but is too old to undergo the anaesthetic that would be needed to do this. I have severe doubts that the cat ever saw a vet & something about this doesn’t ring true – from what I’ve seen on the web, mange usually causes itching and hairloss, neither of which this cat has. To me she just looks like she needs a good grooming and her hair clipped professionally.
The cat in general is poorly treated in my opinion. She’s never allowed into the house except to eat and is left outside in all weathers. I had concerns about this cat previously but on seeing her tonight I am seriously considering making a formal report to the SSPCA. Any experts out there that can advise as to whether this does sound like mange?

Mange is normally a balding of the fur and very sore skin. Sounds to me like she needs a good brush and maybe a clipping, but if the owners are not going to maintain her coat it would probably be a waste of time.
Report the owners I would.