Is there an over the counter way to treat mange in cat?

How to cure Mange in Cat?

NO!!!!!!!! I am sure you will get all kinds of great ones on here!!! From dumping Ivermectin on it to the “motor oil” treatment.
GO TO THE VET, or take the cat to a shelter so it can be treated or euthanized. Now is not the time to be cheap!!!!!!

mange in catTreat Mange in Cats Effectively

The Mange Buster Pack for Cats offers potent antimicrobial, environmental cleaning action, in addition to deep-penetrating, pet skin care products to combat the Mange-affected skin. This pack is exactly what is needed to treat cats large and small with Mange effectively.

The PuraCleenRx Disinfectant Spray takes the strength of the original Mange Combo Pack to an even higher level! It gets rid of infection-causing bacteria in you pet’s surroucat mangendings to create a clean, sterile environment for skin repair. Pets’BestRx Mange Treatment Spray and Sulfinex Cream penetrate deep into the skin ravaged by Mange and even the worst infections at the source.

Say goodbye to mange in cat!

Treat your pet with the fighting power that attacks pet mange on multiple levels. Give your animal the mange in cat relief it deserves with the Mange Buster Pack!