How do i get rid of scabies or mange on my cats?

How do I treat mange on my cats?

cat mangeOk so i live on a farm and currently have 5 adult cats and 10 kittens. They look pretty rough. Some of them have patches of hair missing which i am assuming is from mange or scabies. I am wondering if there is any way to treat all of them easily without having to spend so much money to go to the vet. Does anyone know of a way to kill it with an at home treatment that would be easy use. They live in a little barn like building which use to have hay in there but i recently cleaned it out. It still doesn’t seem like anything has helped.

Rule out mange by having your cats checked

The only way to rule out mange (scabies) is for the vet to do a skin scraping and look for the mange mites under a microscope. Infection and ringworm can mimic the appearance of it. It’s best to have them checked out and let the vet prescribe medication for them. There is no home treatment for it…a carefully controlled dose of medication is needed based on body weight. If it is  mites, they don’t live in the environment, only down in the deep skin layer, so cleaning the barn won’t make a difference. Find a vet who understands you have a bunch of farm cats and can’t spend a lot…maybe he can help you out.

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Prevent mange

Good nutrition, control of other parasites such as worms and fleas, and follow the vaccinations are all important factors in the prevention, although other veterans believe that vaccination effectively reduces the resistance of the animal to mange. They recommend homeopathy, fasting, and various vitamins and minerals, and the application of lemon juice to the affected area. All veterinarians agree that cortisone should never be used to treat mange.

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