Help for possible Cat Mange….?

My Grandma’s cat I think is infected with mange. He has some fur loss and these little red sores all around his neck, belly, and tail. He also seems to have lost some weight. Does it sound like mange or something else and what should I do to treat it? Should he go to the Vet?

Although I have seen several home treatments for mange that are very effective, I’d see a vet first, for several reasons. One, it might not be mange, (as there are several different diseases that may cause fur lose including ringworm, mites, or even fleas) and you’ll be treating a disease he doesn’t have, two, there are different kinds of mange and only a vet has the skill/tools to determine what kind of mange (if the cat does have mange) he has. Three, if he is losing weight, he probably has worms or isn’t getting proper nutrition, which again, only a vet could rule out.

Maybe you could try a home treatment once you are sure he does have mange. And if money is an issue, you can ask the vet to put you on a payment plan (so you wouldn’t have to pay the whole fee up front), a shelter could help, or you could try a home treatment for a week or two and see if there is any improvement. All the best!