Cat & Kitten mange help!?

Looking for the Right Cat & Kitten Mange Treatment

I’ve become desperate, I have 6 kittens and a mama cat the kittens are over 12 weeks. and there all losing fur starting at there ears. there mom has it a little worst and it’s spreaed to the head and back of the neck. i’ve already lost two adult cats to this. (becuase i couldn’t find them to treat them in time) the two cats got it all over there body, it spread futher and futher, into there eyes making them blind. there skin had a bubly red sores, and major hair loss, there skin was shrivled and may be a some scabs/dry skin.

cat mange - sarcoptic mangeand i’m trying to treat my existing cat and her kittens, they don’t have it as bad. I’ve been trying to wash them , keep them well fed with vitanims, and i’ve tried a few home remedies on there ears. which may have slowed it, cuase it hasn’t spread like the others.

I’ve went to vets here, there not much help, they just say bring them in for tests and won’t even talk about it. and they want me to bring each cat in one by one, and the price keeps getting higher and higher. and i really can’t afford it.

so do you know of a home rememdy or have a Non prescibed medicine or dip, shampoo, anything, that I can use on the mama cat -probably under 6lbs and kittens that are 12 weeks?

Hi, ignore that last answer unless the sores are distinctly ROUND. Ring worm brings a near perfect circle-like sore and doesn’t bleed. Mange would be bleeding if they are scratching it.

Organic Cat & Kitten Mange Treatment

Try a footbath with organic unfiltered Mary Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar 1 cup in a bit under a gallon of water and chage it for the mama, fresh. If you can’t get apple cider vinegar, try Heinz, white distilled.

Do it once or twice a day, let them sit in the solution for a few minutes then rinse. They will not smell great for a while but at least they won’t be hurting.

For the existing irritation, you can buy a Calendula ointment and apply topically. Neither of these treatments will hurt them as they are all natural and way cheaper than the Vet.

You can get the apple cider vinegar and calendula at a Natural food store like Whole Foods.

Most Effective Cat & Kitten Mange Treatment

Pets’BestRx Mange Buster Pack for Cats

The Mange Buster Pack for Cats offers potent antimicrobial, environmental cleaning action, in addition to deep-penetrating, pet skin care products to combat the Mange-affected skin. This pack is exactly what is needed to treat cats large and small with Mange effectively.

Non Toxic Treatment

  • Security of knowing it  will not harm your pet or yourself
  • Pleasant smelling formula helps your pet to relax
  • Will not burn your pets skin so they will not suffer
  • Products will not compromise the immune system which helps your pet heal quicker
  • Satisfaction of knowing you can do multiple mange treatments to prevent reoccurrence
  • Saves money on vet visits from multiple toxic mange treatments
  • You do not have to wear gloves to apply so your family is safe from toxins

-Cat & Kitten mange help!?-