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How do you treat Mange for a cat?

Well I figured out that my cat has Mange about a week ago and I don’t know how to treat it. She has red bumps on her head where her ear is (just above the eye) and she’s going bald. She has also been scratching it a LOT so that’s not helping but.. I can’t find any ear drops or anything for her.
But I DON’T want to take her to the vet.
Well my cousin said she cured her cat with eardrops from a petstore somewhere and it did go away so.
But if I can’t find anything for her I’ll take her to the vet.
Well I might have time to take her today.. :\
I have one more questoin..
How did she get it?
She is an inside cat so she couldn’t have possibly gotten it from that..
But I also have a Pomeranian dog but she doesn’t have Mange. I also adopted her (she is only 8 months old) and Petsmart doesn’t know if she was a stray or not
Well I think my sister has Ringworm in her arm and we have had her for about 5 months.

It’s important that your cat be properly diagnosed. There are several things that can cause hair loss and skin irritation and if she’s treated for the wrong condition it could actually make things worse. Mange is actually caused by small mites. Unless the mites are killed the condition will not go away. There are NO effective over the counter treatments that will kill them. The best treatment is a series of injections that the vet can administer. Another thing to consider is that both scarpotic mange and ringworm (a fungal infection) are transmittable to humans and can cause what you’re seeing. If you play around with home remedies for the wrong thing too long you could very well end up with a condition yourself. The safest and wisest thing you can do is get to the vet…stat.

rabbits, cats, mange, fleas and poop!?

now that i said that i just realize i’m becoming a hillbilly like everyone else in TN haha! anyways i have a few questions. for one, what can you give rabbits for fleas? my son just got one for easter and of course i’m the one taking care of it, just need some info. second, i brought a shelter dog in the house a month or so ago maybe 2.5 months even and i think she had mange, now ever since then we had a HUGE flea problem and i have treated our two cats (one with FIV the other extremely overweight) with advantage for 2 months now, my cat i adore with every inch of my heart has been hacking ever since (FIV cat) the shelter dog left and my beloved fiv cat has been constantly chewing himself NON STOp and hacking all night long. i took him to the vet once he said it was an irritated larynx because of fleas and fur, i treated him like he said i should and everything seemed good (unless i jsut slept the night through without noticing) and then he starts hacking again like a couple weeks later. could it be there is still mange in the house because now my sons rabbit is scratching and i cant imagine it STILL being fleas after 2 months i dont have any carpet in my house. then lastly !!! i am new to the rabbit world and i have a dwarf lion head (supposedly) he is tiny white and fluffy, i was wondering if his poop could get the cats sick in anyway? being i have my FIV kitty i’m kind of worried with him being around the little pellets that might get away from the cage now and then.
lol well the dog is gone but yeah tawn you’re right! and it’s very stressful esp since im a huge worry-wort
but i dont have far too little knowledge, actually i’d like to say i have more than the typical, hence my asking and finding things out combined with research itself. it helps me feel better.

There are few flea products that are safe for rabbits, Advantage, Program, and Revolution for cats are safe and your vet can tell you the proper dosage (varies by weight) since rabbits are usually much smaller than cats and their use in rabbits is off label. Avoid Frontline- it is toxic to them. The mange mites that cause mange in dogs are not the same that infect cats and rabbits, and would not cause coughing in your cat.