Natural Home Remedies for Mange that You Should Know

What is mange?

mangeMange is a type of skin disease which is usually found in some animals. Usually it is caused by a mite who burrows beneath the skin. Commonly, mange is present in the pets, often cats and dogs. Varieties of mange mites are there but only few of them affect pets. We cannot see the mites with our naked eyes but effects of their burrowing are very dramatic. Some types of it look like dandruff but it is of short life.

Different types of mange

1. Notoedric mange – It is a scaly disease of the skin which starts on the ears and spread to the rest of the face and the whole body unless treated. This type is more popular among cats, dogs, humans and rabbits.

2. Sarcoptic mange – It is related with the extremely itchy skin disease which is sometimes referred to as canine scabies. This is usually common in dogs. It usually attacks the area without the hair like abdomen and elbows. This disease may spread in between cats and humans.

3. Demodectic mange – Usually this type of mange mites affects the hair follicles. It is very itchy. It is very difficult to cure as it can spread to the entire body but early treatment gives success in reducing the problem.

Early treatment of mange in pets eradicates the problem to a great extent. Though there are lots of medications, injections, shampoos which are medicated but some home remedies are also very effective in the treatment of mange. If the condition is extreme then shaving may also be required or to minimize the likelihood of transmission the pet may be quarantined.

Some of the important home remedies for mange

1. You can also treat mange by brushing out the fur regularly. It helps to remove skin and scabs. It is an effective remedy for the treatment of mange.

2. To treat the problem inside the ears that has been plagued with manage, choose a plain yoghurt which contains acidophilus. For this purpose you have to take two tablespoons of yoghurt.

3. To treat the symptoms of mange add one table spoon of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar to the meal of the pet. It is also very effective in reducing the problem of mange.

4. For treating mange in dogs one of the best home remedies is to make a solution of 1% hydrogen peroxide with water and borax. After dissolving the ingredients properly wash your dog that has mange with this solution at least once in a week.