My cat seems to have caught the Notedric mite, what can I do?

My cat of ~5years has begun repeatedly scratching and biting herself to the point where she has skin lesions. I’ve looked online and it she seems to have contracted Notoedric Mange from a stray. I can’t afford to bring her in to a hospital, so I’ve looked online and found that I should bathe her with medicated shampoo, and apply Lymdyp (or Amitraz) on the infected spots after. What type of medicated shampoo should I avoid? (I.e. is there any type of chemicals I should not use in conjunction with the Lymdyp/Amitraz?) Also, would it be possible to treat her with Ivermectin as well? (If so, is there a special way to do it –i.e- should I treat her topically or orally?) In addition, how long should I treat my cat with each medication? [7 Baths {Once a week} for Lymdyp and 1 month with the Ivermectin is what I’ve read online)
Any kind of help would be great, this has persisted for about 3 weeks and I would really like to see her get better.

I dont know about any of those things i dont know if you have a job or what not but the cat should really go to the vet a few vets around provide payment plans ring around and find out i didn”t enough money to take my kitten to the vet and she passed away
i know this probley didn’t help but hope she goes ok