is there a way to cure mange?

i live in the country. someone dropped off a pregnant dog that has mange. she had her puppies yesturday. there is no animal rescue out here or shelter. is there anything i can do for her without taking her to the vet?

Take her to the vet! She needs to be diagnosed to make sure that’s what it is, and she AND the pups will need to be treated. The vet will have the only effective, safe method for treating the pups. If you use an OTC product or home remedy, it can kill mom and/or pups!! If it is mange, you will need to be VERY careful…it can be passed to humans. If that’s not acceptable, find the nearest animal shelter or rescue, or call the police to pick her up (they’ll have somewhere to take her). Every state has somewhere to take unwanted animals. It may mean a long drive, but it sounds like you won’t be able to care for her anyway. Plus, any dog found (even if you think the owner left her at your house) needs to be reported to the police or a shelter or have an ad placed in the paper. If she is actually missing and you keep her you are breaking the law. The best thing for everyone here is simply to call the police or take her to a shelter.

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