I have a dachshund puppies 2 months old, How to cure mange? Do you need to give any vitamins or any medication

How to cure mange?

Cure for Mange - cure mange

They lost hair already. There are several kinds of mange a dog can have. Hopefully your dogs have the non-contagious kind – demodectic mange. This is caused by a mite that exists on every dog in the world and even on humans. Your dogs may have a lower resistance to the mites because of poor breeding and a suppressed immune system which is causing them to react to them in the way they are. You need to see a vet so that they can do a scraping and find out what kind of mange they have and then they will help you deal with how to treat it (usually repeated, medicated baths). In the meantime, make sure you are feeding your dogs a very high quality diet so that they can build up their immune systems.

Best Way to Cure Mange

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