How safe is to use neem oil to cure demodectic mange?

demodetic mangeDealing with Demodectic Mange

Holistic/alternative vets recommend it. It is used for gardening though, so I’m a bit concerned about using it on my dog. Looking for a second opinion. Thanks!

I don’t know about using it for mange, but neem oil mixed with water makes a good but stinky mosquito repellant for dogs. I have never had trouble using it on my dogs.

Best Demodectic Mange Remedy

Demodectic Mange Kennel Combo – MOST POPULAR! This is your Veterinary Strength Demodectic Mange treatment or for larger breeds (over 10 lbs). Contains products to PUSH deep into the hair follicles, treating the Demodectic mange on contact, relieves the itch and repairs the skin. Consists of no oils to stain your furniture or smell up your home! The humane way to treat your pet with Demodectic Mange.

Non Toxic Demodectic Mange Treatmentdemodectic mange - demodex

  • Security of knowing it  will not harm your pet or yourself
  • Pleasant smelling formula helps your pet to relax
  • Will not burn your pets skin so they will not suffer
  • Products will not compromise the immune system which helps your pet heal quicker
  • Satisfaction of knowing you can do multiple mange treatments to prevent reoccurrence
  • Saves money on vet visits from multiple toxic mange treatments
  • You do not have to wear gloves to apply so your family is safe from toxins
  • It’s the best Demodectic Mange treatment.