Question about Mange?

I realize there are different types, all caused by a mite, but my question is this: is a dog “cured” once treatment is completed, or does a dog require maintenance treatments to keep mange from coming back?
Can mange be transmitted to cats or humans?

I found a dog that will be available for adoption after it finishes its treatment for mange – and it might be a dog I would be interested in adopting and I’m finding lots of websites about mange, but not ones that answer my 2 specific questions about transmission and “cure”.

Neither can effectively be transferred to humans or cats. They might try, you might get mite bites but they won’t be able to survive on you and if you’re treating your dog they won’t be able to survive on him so effectively they won’t be able to survive 🙂

Sarcoptic mange or scabies would only recur if the dog got it from another animal again. Demodectic mange is an overgrowth the of the mites that naturally live on a dog so it could come back if the conditions are right. Either way, no maintenance treatments are required. If a dog has a history of demodectic mange you’d want to make sure he has a very healthy diet and a low stress environment if possible. Hope the pooch works out for you!