Please HELP!!! My cats have pretty bad mange. Need home remedy known to be safe & effective for cats!! Thanks!

Recently became aware that my cats itching was not b/c of fleas (tons of treatment) but from mange mites! I cannot afford a trip to the vet and am also weary of chemicals used to treat mites. I have found a number of mite remedies but all have been for dogs with no side notes indicating they are safe for cats. Please help if you have any information or experience.

Cats are very sensitive and can die from toxic shock quickly. Dog and cats medications can differ, they NEED a vet, how do you know for curtain, you need to scrape the skin, us an oil and look under a microscope and even then you might not see them and what kind do they have???? I’m sorry but you can check with your local humane society and see if they can help or know of a vet tat will. Best of luck