Has anyone used diatomaceous earth inside home for fleas,mange mites,bedbugs,roaches ,any other creepycrawlie?

I just ordered Diatomaceous Earth but never tried it.I got the kind you can safely put on pets,take as a remedy for yourself for different ailments&use around house to kill different kinds of bugs.If anyone has used it please let me know&if it worked.I mainly got it b/c my cats have mange&fleas&its getting out of control.And since this seems to be only natural&safe method to using anything without pesticide or chemicals&is safe for everybody but bugs &is cheap I’m trying it.So only if u used yourself please let me know how good or bad it is.Thanks.

I found a litter of 5 stray kittens who were COMPLETELY infested with fleas. It was really bad. Since they were so young, traditional flea medicines were out of the question, and I managed to get rid of the fleas with a flea comb, DE, and baby shampoo as my only arsenal.
First of all, you need to make sure you got the human grade DE…the pool grade stuff is potentially toxic. Sprinkle the DE on your carpets, leave for a day, and the vacuum it up. You’ll have to do this every week or so for a month, because DE does not kill flea eggs, so you have to kill them as they hatch. At the same time every week, sprinkle about 3-4 pinches worth on your kitties, rub it in, and leave it for a few days. Then wash them with shampoo or Dawn dish soap, and comb them with a flea comb.
The main thing is just to KEEP AT IT!! Doing all of this once will not get rid of the fleas. Every week, wash all your bedding, kitties bedding/towels in hot water. Be consistent.
The best of luck to you, you’re in for a lot of work, and a lot of white dust, but it can work if you stick at it!