Cat Health & Care : Symptoms of Mange in Cats

Symptoms of Mange in Cats

mange in catsMange in cats is a rare disease in cats, and it is often confused with allergic dermatitis, but it will cause itching and a pulling at the hair. Learn about the tests that veterinarians do to check for the presence of mites with help from a veterinarian in this free video on cat health and mange in cats.

Expert: Carrie Burhenn
Bio: Dr. Carrie Burhenn is a full-time veterinarian who received her degree in veterinary medicine from Oregon State University in 1990.
Filmmaker: Lisa Fenderson .Watch the video about mange in cats.

Mange In Cats Treatment

mange treatment - cat mange - mange in catsSarcoptic Mange Treatment Combo For Mange in Cats.
The Veterinary strength Sarcoptic Mange 2 oz Combo combines the power of veterinary strength products with a gentle, safe, non-toxic mange-combating formula perfect for treating smaller breeds of animals (under 10 pounds) with mild cases of mange.Sarcoptic Mange Combo 2 oz is effective in eliminating Mange.PetsBestRx Sarcoptic Mange Treatment Spray¬†targets and eliminates sarcoptic mange, while¬†Sulfinex Creamprovides additional protection to nourish and heal the skin. The colloid-based Mange Treatment Spray penetrates deeply into your pet’s skin to attack the sarcoptic mange head-on. This provides your pet with soothing relief; great even for sarcoptic mange in smaller animals such as birds, rodents, and reptiles. Give your pet a double dose of protection!
The Mange Combo 2oz is part of our mange treatment, dog mange treatment and cat mange treatment product lines. Mange in cats should be treated. Treat mange now!