Can outside cats/dogs get mange in the dead of winter?

I have some ferrel cats that I feed. I have noticed that one of them is losing some fur back by his butt. New fur is growing in. Someone said it was mange. Can mange live on cats and dogs in the dead of winter? What am I going to do if it is mange? I can’t catch this cat, he’s wild! He sure isn’t going to sit still for a bath!

I think that it can. Mange is caused by a mite, so just like having fleas, it would probably continue into winter time. With ferals there’s not much you can do except trap them and try and find a vet that will provide them care. Not all vets will treat ferals. You might call the local shelters and vets and see if they know of anything that you can do. Maybe something you can put in the food?

It could also be where they had an abscess or bite. Cats usually lose the fur around this area, and then it grow back in. Without actually seeing the area on the cat it’s hard to say what it might be.