Can my cats get mange from a dog that was at my house?

This girl i know told me she was bringing her dog over, she brings it here, has it on my bed and all over in my room. then tells me she thinks it has mange. i have other cats in the house and im worried about the areas the dog was laying and whatnot. are my cats at risk here? what precautions should i take to make sure they dont get mange?

You really don’t know what the dog has, so you don’t know if your cats are at risk or not. There area certain types of mange that cats can get (sarcoptic??). Can you get Revolution in Singapore? That is an off-label treatment for many types of bugs – it’s listed as preventing bites from fleas, mites, mosquitoes, and certain internal parasites, but is also effective against ticks and other ‘bugs’. I’d also be washing (in very hot water) my bedspread and bedding 🙁 If you can’t get Revolution, ask the vet for advice about what sorts of dips you can get for your cats. This is really a case of prevention, but it’s a whole lot easier to prevent potentially communicable diseases than to treat them in a multi-cat household after the fact.