Treating Mange Cats

How do you treat Mange for a cat?

Well I figured out that my cat has Mange about a week ago and I don’t know how to treat it. She has red bumps on her head where her ear is (just above the eye) and she’s going bald. She has also been scratching it a LOT so that’s not helping but.. I can’t find any ear drops or anything for her.
But I DON’T want to take her to the vet.
Well my cousin said she cured her cat with eardrops from a petstore somewhere and it did go away so.
But if I can’t find anything for her I’ll take her to the vet.
Well I might have time to take her today.. :\
I have one more questoin..
How did she get it?
She is an inside cat so she couldn’t have possibly gotten it from that..
But I also have a Pomeranian dog but she doesn’t have Mange. I also adopted her (she is only 8 months old) and Petsmart doesn’t know if she was a stray or not
Well I think my sister has Ringworm in her arm and we have had her for about 5 months.

It’s important that your cat be properly diagnosed. There are several things that can cause hair loss and skin irritation and if she’s treated for the wrong condition it could actually make things worse. Mange is actually caused by small mites. Unless the mites are killed the condition will not go away. There are NO effective over the counter treatments that will kill them. The best treatment is a series of injections that the vet can administer. Another thing to consider is that both scarpotic mange and ringworm (a fungal infection) are transmittable to humans and can cause what you’re seeing. If you play around with home remedies for the wrong thing too long you could very well end up with a condition yourself. The safest and wisest thing you can do is get to the vet…stat.

Do your Mange products really work?

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where can i buy sulfur bath to treat mange?

How to treat mange?


She asked me to check out her cat since im a vet tech assistant and with one look i told her it was mange, it was waxy from buildup and looked like mange ive treated on puppies before.

She told me she would give to a shelter since she lost her job and cant afford the vet, but i told her she just needs to give him a sulphur bath.

But i cant go and grab a bottle from the place i work either, so what place sells it?

dont tell me that she should go to the vet, its very early mange and can be treated easily, i just need to know where to buy it so i can wash him.

Ways to Treat MangeMange Mites

btw she knows NOTHING about animals and how to treat them. this is why IM always the one buying medicine or grooming her dog. or w/e she needs.
sadly its a general clinic, onyl check ups and vaccinations.

And we dont have alot of sulphur bath since we only use it for SEVERE cases.

We dont even spay or neuter, it is seriously small. the whole building is maybe 1000 feet or less.
i saw it under a scope before, it was scabies.

interesting but made me itchy.

i took him in myself just for a scrape but they couldnt give me anything since we dont have alot of the bathing stuff.
i took him in and had to pay about 10 bucks since i worked there, and for her it would be 50.

she lost her job so she cant do it
i took him in and had to pay about 10 bucks since i worked there, and for her it would be 50.

she lost her job so she cant do it

Best Way to Treat Mange

Pets’BestRx Sulfinex Cream is a topical skin cream designed specifically for dogs and cats to provide immediate relief and contains ingredients that are wiPet Sulfinex Cream for Mange & Ringwormdely recognized for their soothing, skin repair anti-fungal properties.

A topical skin treatment designed to provide immediate relief from fungal infections, Mange Mites and other pet skin parasites. Pets’BestRx Sulfinex Cream tackles pet skin conditions in every direction! The pleasant-smelling cream doesn’t stain like most sulfur products and is safe to use on a variety of pet skin conditions.

Used only once a day, this product will combat the Mange Mites, repair the skin and reduce inflammation. It takes pet skin care to the NEXT LEVEL! Sulfur has proven to be an exceptional source to treat mange most pet skin conditions for decades.

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