Treating Cat Mange

Are you having trouble treating cat mange? You have plenty of company when it comes to this problem. Thousands upon thousands of cats are inflicted with mites annually, it seems like a plague that just won’t quit once it has started.

So what exactly is mange and why does it lead to hair loss on your cat? This article will help you understand what mange is and hopefully it will give you some tips on how you can start treating it.

So what is mange you ask? Mange is basically a skin infliction that is caused by a parasitic mite. This mite feeds off the skin of your pet. You might be wondering why you can’t physically see them and that’s because they are microscopic. You might be wondering how something so small can cause such irritating itching since there must be millions of microscopic creepy crawlies all over the place that never bother us? The answer to this is because these mites are parasitic. This means that they are actually feasting on the skin of their host. They’re also powerful in their numbers, being able to reproduce rapidly and survive for 22 days.

This all sounds like a nightmare, so how do you prevent the condition from getting worse? Treating cat mange doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may first imagine. This treatment can begin by gently bathing your cat with an anti-parasitic skin shampoo. This will start to kill the mites off. This treatment will work well when you have caught the mange in it’s infancy stages. However, if the mites have spread rapidly and have been left uncheacked for some time, they could have already gotten into places like the ear canal. This could lead to many complications.

One way to tell if your cat is experiencing major dicomfort within the ear is to check your pets ears for any redness or bleeding. This can be a very serious matter because your cat can have permanent hearing loss if the mites are not taken care of. What you should do as soon as you spot any signs of excessive ear scratching or inflamed skin is call your vet.

One of the ways that your vet may begin treating cat mange within the ears is applying some kind of medicated ear wax removal drops. The drops that the vet uses work in the same way that they do on humans. By removing the wax from the ear your basically taking away the main source of food for the mites because it is this wax that the mites feed off of. By flushing out all that excess wax, you should be able to send all those parasites packing their bags. No matter what symptom your cat may be experiencing, you should always consult with the vet to be sure of what it is. When you check with your veterinarian first, you’ll be sure that your not treating your cat for the wrong disease yourself and doing more harm. It doesn’t hurt to check, so always begin treating cat mange with a phonecall to your local veterinarian.

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