Would antibiotic ointment be effective if it was mixed with water in a mange spray bottle?

Searching for an Effective Mange Treatment

The reason I ask is because I have a stray cat with mange and I want to help it without touching it. If this isnt effective with the mange what else treatment could I use to fight the mange?

Thanks for the help 🙂

icat mange - sarcoptic mange‘m preety poor and cant afford a vet. Mitch you didnt answer the question. The cat came to me and I really intended on helping it if i can. I dont exactly want the damn animal shelter coming to take her away, its not fair for them to put her to sleep. The has bite marks on her lower back my the tail.

Thanks for the help everyone 🙂

Look for the Right Mange Treatment

Is the antibiotic ointment for people?
If so, no. Don’t use it at all. Human ointment is toxic to cats, and also will not be effective. You would need to take it to a vet for a proper diagnosis, proper antibiotics for the probable infection, as well as for the mange itself, as well as getting it neutered and vaccinated.

You won’t get mange, don’t worry. Just touch the cat. It needs love and affection.

See what I’m getting is this:
– You cat afford to care for the cat, can’t provide proper vet care, food, litter, toys, shelter, grooming care….etc…
– You don’t want to touch the cat
– You don’t know that antibiotic ointment made for people is NOT good for cat.
– You don’t know that by using a spray bottle, the cat will think you are punishing it, and most likely attack you, and fear you.
– You don’t know about the sole fact that the ointment and water won’t mix, and won’t work, as the ointment will clog up the nozzle anyway…

The combination of those facts leads me to advise you to take the cat to the nearest SPCA or animal shelter for this poor thing to be taken care of properly. By keeping it with you, you are abusing the cat. If you do not give this cat proper medical care, and proper food, water, shelter, litter box, grooming, and love, then you are breaking the law, and committing the crime of animal cruelty.

I’m sorry, because I know you love that cat, and really want to help it out. You’re very sweet and kind-hearted for taking it in. But the best thing for it now would be to surrender it to a vet clinic, a shelter, the police station, anywhere like that where your cat can be properly attended to, and given the help it so desperately needs. (I’m not sure if you know this, but mange is a horrible condition, and needs to be professionally treated immediately.) There is no safe way for you to handle the situation yourself, I’m so sorry.

Best Mange Treatment

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Please, do the right thing!

-Would antibiotic ointment be effective if it was mixed with water in a mange spray bottle?-