Temporary home treatment for mange?

My poor cat has mange, and I can’t get into the vet for two weeks! Does anyone have a safe home remedy to relieve this? I tried to put socks on his feet to stop him from scratching at it. No success, lol. I’ve heard of someone putting calamine lotion on it, but I’m afraid he’d lick it off and I’m not sure how safe that would be.
This is intended for Percy-and-Penny: You are in no position to assume what I do and do not let my cat do. My cat is not let out of the house because of the neighborhood. I am not laughing at my cat, just my desperate attempt at helping him. I have called the vet, and if you had read the question thoroughly, I did state that I was told it would be TWO WEEKS before they could get him in. I am obviously trying to help him or this question wouldn’t be posted. Please reread a question before you answer so hatefully.

Cats don’t normally get mange so do absolutely nothing until you get a correct diagnosis! Could be ringworm which requires a totally different treatment or ear mites…….the list goes on.
Two weeks is a long time to have to wait. Either call your vet & push them harder- ask to be called if they get a cancellation, etc. or see if you can get into another vet sooner.
Best wishes!