I need help in deciding what to do with a feral cat (FIV positive) that I trapped a month and a half ago.?

I need help and lots of advise. I trapped a feral cat in February from my workplace. I wanted to trap another cat that I have been feeding, however, this cat went into the trap, so I took him since I had an appointment with Fixnation (TNR). This poor cat scared me initially since he was covered with red bites, scratches, I was not able to see his head or the neck. Fix nation neutered him, gave him an age of 1-3, vaccinated him, put revolution for his mange (diagnosed him with mange). I also asked them to test him for leukemia, FIV, this cat was FIV positive. Fix nation stated that this poor cat had to have 2 additional Revolution treatments, every 2 weeks. I kept him in my bathroom away from my pets (1 cat and 1 dog). I transferred him to a larger cage, but still small for him. Anyhow, this poor cat had his second and third mange treatments (Revolution), I had him examined with my cat’s vet, he is healthy, healthy teeth, heart, mange looks great, I am able to see hair now, he looks much better and treated. However, he continues to hiss, growl, is somewhat aggressive, whenever I try to feed him he either is scared and is all the way back in the cage, or he comes forward with aggressiveness, and throws his paws with a hiss. I am not sure what to do next. I can not find anywhere who will be willing to take him, I live in an apartment, have 2 pets already. Should I just release him back to his colony, however, I am scared that he will infect the other cat that I wanted to trap initially, who comes for food everyday. Plus, if I release him, with his FIV, fearful of the diseases he might catch. Please help me with advise, resources of rescue groups, etc. I am worried that he is still in the cage, does not run around, no exercise, not humane to continue keeping him in this cage, feel bad for him. I appreciate you help.

This isn’t the answer you want to hear, but sometimes the best choice is euthanasia. This isn’t a pet that you can keep indoors, it’s a feral cat. There are a few sanctuaries that take FIV+ ferals but they are few and far between. You cannot release him back outside – not only will he be exposed to many diseases due to his compromised immune system, he will also infect other cats with FIV when they fight. And feral cats *will* fight and bite, as most of them aren’t neutered so he will spread his FIV to the other cats in the colony.

Most people who manage colonies will euthanize any cat that tests positive for FIV or FeLV as that’s the only way to ensure the health of the entire colony. You are correct that keeping him in a cage is inhumane. The vets that have been treating him should have been a bit more ‘aware’ of his situation, and not insisted on treating a cat that really is best euthanized.

And for all the people who are going to give me thumbs down for my honest answer – how many of you are willing to take this cat, or a cat like this, into *your* home? None of you I’ll bet. Rescues won’t take him as he’s not adoptable. Sometimes unfortunately euthanization is the best answer.