Does cat mange get worse before it gets better?

Cat Mange Problem

cat mange - sarcoptic mangeMy 6 week old orphan kitten just started treatment for her cat mange 3 days ago, however she seems to have bigger bald spots and more skin dryness than before…Does this mean her cat mange will worsen before it improves? The treatment is a series of four shots over the course of a month and a half. (P.S. I’m not sure which type of cat mange it is I forgot to ask the vet, but he did mention it was still in an early stage).
Thank you.

More About Cat Mange

VVV Positive it is cat mange he did a skin scraping and again, he said it was an early stage.
I spoke with my vet this morning and he said it is normal for the cat mange to look worse before it improves. Thanks for your answers 🙂

it should get better and often they get a shampoo to kill the mites.
did the vet take a skin sample? 6 weeks seems so young to have cat mange that bad…

are you sure its cat mange and not food allergies? Cat mange should be treated if it is cat mange.

Cat Mange Treatment

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