Does cat mange get worse before it gets better?

My 6 week old orphan kitten just started treatment for her mange 3 days ago, however she seems to have bigger bald spots and more skin dryness than before…Does this mean her mange will worsen before it improves? The treatment is a series of four shots over the course of a month and a half. (P.S. I’m not sure which type of mange it is I forgot to ask the vet, but he did mention it was still in an early stage).
Thank you.
I spoke with my vet this morning and he said it is normal for the mange to look worse before it improves. Thanks for your answers 🙂

pooor kitty

i am not sure.. I would call your vet and ask.. but i would think if series of four shots and just starting it the mange is going still going to be fighting.. i dunno just a thought but i would call vet and ask
Good luck