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The Practical Home mange remedies

Home mange remedies

Have you heard about the finest home mange remedies? Moving your pet to the veterinary doctor can be almost as expensive as visiting your physician. It can be even worse as you spend a lot of money only to find that the veterinarian did not cure the problem. This is often what pet owners face when their dog gets mange and the veterinary doctor cannot manage to cure it. This is where home mange remedies come in.

Mange is brought on by parasites that burrow into the skin of the dog. These mites trigger the dog’s skin to turn into red and intensely itchy. It ought to be known that the mange causing parasites also affects human beings, although then its called scabies. Doctors approved body shampoo or even lotion for use daily as mange remedies until the parasites are gone.

Natural mange remedies van be found in your home

You can find natural home mange remedies that actually are better and more reliable, as they’re produced from only natural substances. They can all be made from things you have at your home. It’s important to be sure that none of the ingredients of these mange remedies are harmful to your pet. You can even use these mange remedies to help remedy human scabies.

home mange remediesTrendy mange remedies found at online websites are made from twenty drops of tea oil added into a medium-sized bottle of baby shampoo. This has been found as one of the systematically effective mange remedies on dogs. It is also found to be effective in getting rid of bugs.

Additional mange remedies consists of 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil combined thoroughly with lavender shampoo. As soon as the color of the shampoo gets a slightly creamy purple color, you know that you’ve done these mange remedies right. Employ the shampoo mixture directly onto your dog’s dry skin and hair. Massage the mixture directly into the impacted areas and let it sit for 5 minutes. These mange remedies should be used several times a week to treat your dog. You will soon see the return of your dog’s hair.
One of the more popular natural mange remedies is plain petroleum jelly to the infected areas on your dog. This suffocates the unwanted organisms. While suffocating the mites, the petroleum jelly can help heal the dry and scaling skin brought on by them. These mange remedies also soothes the dog’s itchy skin while healing.

mange treatment - cat mange - mange in cats - sarcoptic mangeBest Mange Remedy

More often than not there are home mange remedies to treat mange on your dog that are less dangerous and more efficient than the chemical ones the veterinarians recommend.

Pets’BestRx Sarcoptic Mange Treatment Spray targets and eliminates Sarcoptic mange, while Sulfinex Cream provides additional protection to nourish and heal the skin. The colloid-based Sarcoptic Mange Treatment Spray solution penetrates deeply into your pet’s skin to attack Sarcoptic mange-affected skin. This provides your pet with soothing relief; great even for Sarcoptic mange in smaller animals such as birds, rodents, and reptiles. Give your pet a double dose of protection!

-The Practical Home mange remedies-

Suggestions/comments on FIV and testing.?

I rescued a true feral cat with mange, he was tested positive for FIV, kept him for months in order for him to get his mange treatment, etc. I took him to vet again for mange, and asked them to test him again for FIV, this time he was tested negative. Don’t know what to make of it. I believe the first time he was tested with a snap test, second one was In house, not sure if there is a difference between those two. It was recommended Western Blot, however, that cost is over $200. Any comments and suggestions on this. Now I am not sure if this cat has FIV or not. I am sure he was not vaccinated since he was a true ferral cat, now, just recently after 2-3 months he meows when wants food.

The diagnosis of FIV is difficult because there are no commercially available tests that can differentiate between infected cats and non-infected cats that have been vaccinated against FIV. After vaccination, cats produce antibodies that have been indistinguishable from those induced by natural infection. A positive result should be followed by the Western Blot test.

Pet Mange and How to Diagnose it

cat mangeWhat is Mange?

Mange is an unpleasant infection that can be very traumatic, and harmful for pets. It is not rare and is present in otherwise healthy animals, not just those that are poorly looked after. Mange spreads extremely rapidly and is highly contagious, but can be treated successfully and in good time and with full recovery the expected outcome.

Once diagnosed, mange should be treated straight away with the prescribed method, and the routine adhered to until due time has passed. Treating mange when it is yet to spread is the right way to keep the mites to a minimum and to ensure the pet does not suffer unnecessarily.

Read all the available advice that can be unearthed in order to make the correct choice and mange should cease to be a concern in a short time. You can make the difference in the life of your pet by getting the right help.

Mange Mites are the Cause

The requirements of knowing how mange is contracted cannot be stressed too highly.

Mange is caused by very small mites that live in the pet s fur, and the female mange mite will eat into the skin of the animal in order to lay her eggs. This can cause an unnatural reaction in the dog or cat, and leads to persistent itching and rashes as well as other symptoms that we will look at later.

The mites themselves have a life span of a short period but they increase in numbers at a rapid rate. It is when the number of mites increases without hindrance that the pet can become open to mange.

Simple Steps to Identify Mange Infestation

Recognizing mange is relatively easy as the signs are easy to see and not usual. The first thing that may be noticed is frequent scratching, primarily in areas where the hair is at its shortest these are where the mange mite chooses to live and this may be accompanied by loss of hair in these areas.

While in small areas in the first instance it is occasionally the case that mange spreads and in the worst cases can cover the body of the animal severely. Further symptoms can include poor sleep patterns, unusual behavior and red areas on the skin so called red mange that are painful and present great trouble for the animal.

If mange is detected it is best to commence treatment straight away, as keeping the infection under control is vital to removing the condition. Mange is rarely fatal but can be dangerous if allowed to get out of control. It is also very distressing for the animal, whose well-being should be considered at all times.

Mange in Humans? Yes it is Possible

Instances of mange transferring from any animals to humans are known to have occurred and the most frequently contracted form of mange known as sarcoptic mange is very contagious and occurs in humans as scabies.

It is so that mange mites are specific to different species a dog mite will live best on dogs only, a cat mite on cats but they can continue to breed for short periods on other than their chosen host. For this reason it is best to keep uninfected pets at a distance from those with the mange to be safe and sound.

The Process of Treating Mange

Treating mange is not difficult although there are a selection of alternative methods. The right one for a individual animal may depend on the species, on the health and on the age, and some breeds of dog, for instance, take better to certain treatments than others.

Advice is available from many places, and it may be that the best course of action involves using a lotion or cream, or sometimes a spray, to the area of the animal concerned. This concoction will eradicate the mites and, crucially, neutralize any eggs thus halting the breeding process quickly.

In unusual cases particularly those that are more severe a dip or bath may be the best treatment, and this involves immersing the animal in a solution thus giving it an all over body wash. This is, of course, a tricky procedure where cats are the infected animal although less so with smaller dogs.

mange treatmentAll treatments for mange involve some form of pharmaceutical application and once the right approach has been decided on it is important that it is carried out quickly in order to control the spread of the infection.

The Best product for mange treatment is Sarcoptic Mange Treatment Combo. The Veterinary strength Sarcoptic Mange 2 oz Combo combines the power of veterinary strength products with a gentle, safe, non-toxic mange-combating formula perfect for treating smaller breeds of animals (under 10 pounds) with mild cases of mange.

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