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My cat seems to have caught the Notedric mite, what can I do?

My cat of ~5years has begun repeatedly scratching and biting herself to the point where she has skin lesions. I’ve looked online and it she seems to have contracted Notoedric Mange from a stray. I can’t afford to bring her in to a hospital, so I’ve looked online and found that I should bathe her with medicated shampoo, and apply Lymdyp (or Amitraz) on the infected spots after. What type of medicated shampoo should I avoid? (I.e. is there any type of chemicals I should not use in conjunction with the Lymdyp/Amitraz?) Also, would it be possible to treat her with Ivermectin as well? (If so, is there a special way to do it –i.e- should I treat her topically or orally?) In addition, how long should I treat my cat with each medication? [7 Baths {Once a week} for Lymdyp and 1 month with the Ivermectin is what I’ve read online)
Any kind of help would be great, this has persisted for about 3 weeks and I would really like to see her get better.

I dont know about any of those things i dont know if you have a job or what not but the cat should really go to the vet a few vets around provide payment plans ring around and find out i didn”t enough money to take my kitten to the vet and she passed away
i know this probley didn’t help but hope she goes ok

I have a dachshund puppies 2 months old, How to cure mange? Do you need to give any vitamins or any medication

How to cure mange?

Cure for Mange - cure mange

They lost hair already. There are several kinds of mange a dog can have. Hopefully your dogs have the non-contagious kind – demodectic mange. This is caused by a mite that exists on every dog in the world and even on humans. Your dogs may have a lower resistance to the mites because of poor breeding and a suppressed immune system which is causing them to react to them in the way they are. You need to see a vet so that they can do a scraping and find out what kind of mange they have and then they will help you deal with how to treat it (usually repeated, medicated baths). In the meantime, make sure you are feeding your dogs a very high quality diet so that they can build up their immune systems.

Best Way to Cure Mange

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Effective to cure mange!

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has anyone heard of a home remedy called Maui Bowie mange buster?

The remedy is to help mange on dogs and cats its supposed to kill the mites that cause mange .

Please please take your dog to the vet – there are many supposed home remedies for curing things out there fore dogs and cats – but some are downright harmful/dangerous/fatal to animals. The vet can discuss safe methods of managing or getting rid of mange.

Will mange mites bite my family?

This video shows information that can be found at . It also tells about sarcoptic mange mites.

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Mange by Louis Clichy

Симпатичная короткометражка от Луи Клиши….

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