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Kitten squshy poop for a week…?

I recently left my 4mo old kitten with my friend, and got him back a little over a week ago. His hair started coming off his face and ears, and I took him to the vet last Monday. He was diagnosed with mange, even though the skin scraping proved negative. The doctor gave him a shot, which I was rather shocked to find out today that intravenous treatment for mange can be deadly for cats!

Since then, my kitten has had yellowish poop, with the consistency of pancake batter. I don’t see any sort of worms or blood in it. He was wormed and vaccinated 3 weeks ago. None of her cats are sick, that I know of.

Other then that, he seems happy, purring all the time, playing, with his usual napping. I can’t tell if he’s dehydrated or not, but as I write this he’s lunged from another chair to attack my head, so he isn’t lethargic. I’ve been giving him a little rice with his canned food, and putting extra water too. I haven’t taken him to the vet yet since…will he be alright until tomorrow?
He also seems to drink and eat frequently as always. I pinched his skin and he doesn’t seem dehydrated. A few days ago he made sounds like he was going to throw up or cough up a hairball, but didn’t. The hairball thing doesn’t seem like a big deal considering he’s been licking himself like mad from the iching.

Didn’t you ask this question yesterday, or something really similar? Weren’t you giving your kitten cottage cheese?

Call the vet, and tell him about the poop. Ask if it is normal with the treatment, the mange shot. If your kitten is energetic and eating and happy, this could be the normal course of the medication as he metabolizes it. Ask.

You can check for dehydration in a cat or kitten by picking up the skin at the scruff of his neck between your thumb and index finger. Just lift the skin (not the cat) as far as it will comfortably lift, then drop it. If it snaps back, your kitten is not dehydrated. If it slips back, he is dehydrated, the more slowly it slips back, the more dehydrated he is. As a control, you can lift the skin on your arm between your thumb and index finger and let it go. It will snap right back. If your kitten’s scruff snaps back that fast, he is fine.

Dehydration is characterized by lethargy, sluggishness, lack of interest in food, just a general lack of interest. His behavior indicates to me that he is well-hydrated.

Call the vet. Is the poop normal given the medication? If not, should he come in? What should you feed him to tighten him up?

I think you are a wonderful cat parent. You have a happy, energetic, playful little guy with one thing wrong, and you are going out of your mind about it. I have the feeling he will turn out to be just fine. But it definitely is worth letting the vet weigh in on it. And if this vet is not helpful, a second opinion never hurts.

Good luck, sweetie.

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