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Is there a mange for felines?

My Grandfathers cat like "chews" his hair out, around the rib area and upper hips & a little down by his tail but he doesn’t mess with his back.
It leaves no redness or sore however.
Is it a type of mange or mites or something?
Is their a special dip or treatment?
PLEASE** answer asap! detailed answers please


If he’s chewing, or pulling, it’s usually a food allergy or allergy to flea bites. Your vet can help narrow down what’s going on.

Mange may be itchy, but often isn’t. It shows up as patches, but the cat doesn’t chew the fur off.

can cats get mange like dogs?

my cat has spotty hair loss but it grows back within a few weeks could it be mange
The reason i am asking is because put some burnt motor oil on one little spot and it cleared up and the hair came back.


some people would advise you go to the vet for that for some cream, but i have a treat of using WD-40. i’ve sprayed it on my dogs and their mange goes right away. its a lot cheaping than going to the vet and spending $200 on some dip that is in a small bottle that takes forever to work.
just make sure the animal does not lick the spray or oil.

Treating Cat Mange.

Evidence of mange include unjustifiable itching and scratching as well as fur loss. Dog mange is a most likely significant issue. The following herbal additions are understood to be beneficial for dog mange : Echinacea, astragalus and arabinogalactans. Since dog mange can be heavy, if you detect the indicators of mange you will need to treat it right away. When the affected dog has Mange the living mites can lay 20 to thirty eggs. Mange is due to microscopic mites that will continually bite your dog. These eggs can hatch anywhere between eight to seventeen days.

The different indications of Mange are : Hair Loss-this could be a small or a lot, Itching and scratching-This sometimes only happens in the area affected, Red spots, Blisters, and Infection. There are various symptoms for each disease, condition and infection out there so it is vital if you've got any concerns or your dog is showing symptoms to find medical assistance for your cherished family pet. You can help the immune response and the itchy skin by adding a spoon of olive oil to his food every day and also squashing up a vitamin E supplement. Ultimately , if you have got any other pets in the house you want to treat them as well even though they do not have symptoms as mange is highly transmissive. Naturally you are going to wish to do an intensive cleaning of the house and anything that your dog touched to kill off any mites he may have shed. This kind of mange is infectious to humans. Sarcoptic is another kind of mange which is rather more heavy, but easily treatable if diagnosed in time. The dog will have wild itching and patchy hair loss. Vet intervention will be required. He will very likely prescribe Ivermectin, which is given in 2 doses ( 2 weeks apart ).

It is frequently mistaken for Sarcoptic mange, that has extraordinarily similar symptoms, but this type of mange is highly rare in moggies. Very similar to scabies in dogs, it has been known as the 7 year itch by some pussy owners. It is usually local in that it'll affect only little areas of your cat’s body, but if it is severe enough it'll become generalized, suggesting it is affecting giant portions. Demodectic mange in your pussies may cause alopecia also but may also cause miniscule red patches that may become very inflamed. Nevertheless although it is rare, it does happen frequently in Burmese as well as Siamese breeds.

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