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Is there a mange for felines?

My Grandfathers cat like "chews" his hair out, around the rib area and upper hips & a little down by his tail but he doesn’t mess with his back.
It leaves no redness or sore however.
Is it a type of mange or mites or something?
Is their a special dip or treatment?
PLEASE** answer asap! detailed answers please


If he’s chewing, or pulling, it’s usually a food allergy or allergy to flea bites. Your vet can help narrow down what’s going on.

Mange may be itchy, but often isn’t. It shows up as patches, but the cat doesn’t chew the fur off.

can cats get mange like dogs?

my cat has spotty hair loss but it grows back within a few weeks could it be mange
The reason i am asking is because put some burnt motor oil on one little spot and it cleared up and the hair came back.


some people would advise you go to the vet for that for some cream, but i have a treat of using WD-40. i’ve sprayed it on my dogs and their mange goes right away. its a lot cheaping than going to the vet and spending $200 on some dip that is in a small bottle that takes forever to work.
just make sure the animal does not lick the spray or oil.

Mange Cures, Are They Really Effective?

If your pets attain mange, they are going to really feel quite angry as well as the parasites might injure the epidermis of the dogs and this article will present you with some powerful mange cures. Nevertheless, you do not must be too concerned with that. In the event you can deal with your pet mange early on, your dogs will certainly recover really soon. Therefore, the following are a couple of suggestions so that you can do something about the dog mange.

Whenever you locate your dogs have mange, you might try the medicated dips initial. Medicated dips may be implemented to remedy the dog mange. Much more often, this is the fundamental way to deal with the dog mange. It’s been found that medicated dips have apparent effect on dealing with the mange. In case you can keep doing medicated dips daily and continue for a few weeks, your dogs will turn out to be healthy again. If you don’t desire to use the medicated dips, you could select medication. Nonetheless, this may price you some funds.

Yet another great approach to handle dog mange would be to use interceptor to keep the unwanted organisms from the body of your pets. Much more typically, these unwanted organisms are the actual cause of pain and they will even make the skin condition even worse should you do not kill them prior to they get into the body of the dogs. You need to maintain a regular remedy for far more than one month. And you will also have to do it every single day so that the parasites won’t have the ability to reproduce a lot more generations.

The next although not least for mange cures, you ought to seek support from the veterinary when needed. When you have found that this skin of the dogs worsen after the treatments, you ought to take your dogs to the veterinary for far better remedies. To be able to maintain the epidermis of your dogs in excellent condition, you must clean your dogs as frequently as achievable and supply them enough vitamin. What is much more, you could not use the wrong remedy for your dogs. For example, the motor oil which is wrongly regarded as to be a good approach to take care of dog mange. 

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