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Guaranteed to end Dog & Cat Skin Problems – DERMagic Skin Care for Animals

End dog skin problems the natural organic way with DERMagic System. Dries up hot spots, ends dog & cat dermatitis, dog skin allergies, seborrhea, mange, dog skin rashes, Alopecia X, black skin disease.

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I need a good home made mange cure.?

I have been adopted by a beagle. I have named her Sweetie Pie, but she has a slight case of mange on her back feet. Please help, I need a mange treatment or some type of mange medicine.
If I could afford to take her to a vet I would do so. My income is so fixed I can’t even go to the Dr. myself.

there is no “home made” cure.

The dog NEEDS a vet for proper mange treatment. Failure to provide this is legally considered NEGLECT

Find a way to afford it.. borrow the money, sell something (you obviously have a computer, you can start with that).. apply for a credit card or you can turn the dog over to a shelter or rescue so that it can get the care it needs.

Do adding fatty acids to my pet’s diets help with mange?

This video contains information that can be found at .

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