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Should I take Neighbor’s cat in to the Vet?

Hi, so one of our very unfriendly neighbors don’t take care of their two cats at all. We occasionally feed them(the neighbors don’t feed them, and told us they just eat the mice catch) but one of the cats has gotten very thin and has these large bald patches on his head and neck(mange???). His coat is dull and messy, but then again it always has been. I’m no cat expert but I’m worried. I want to take him into the vet or give at least some form of treatment. I’m 16 and I now it sounds rather unethical to do so, but the cat looks rather miserable and the owners could care less if the cat died or not (but they won’t give them to us). How serious does this cat’s case seem? Should I be nosy and try to take the cat into the vet? Is there anything I can do to make this cat a bit less miserable?

Thanks and I talk alot…

You can’t take the cat to the vet and say that it’s your neighbor’s cat. The vet might not want to work on the cat without the owner’s permission.

Don’t bother calling animal control or the humane society. The reality is…the cats need to be near death for there to be cruelty charges against the neighbors or for animal control to take the cats. It’s not worth it. Animals are considered nothing more than property. That is a fact.

so…you’re better off just taking the cats in as strays.

Take the cats to a no kill shelter and let them find the cats a good home.

Because cats can stray all over the neighborhood, you can easily say, you found this stray….

I would actually take both cats. It’s only a matter of time before the other cat starts to look bad.

Take them both whe you’re sure your neighbor isn’t home (so they don’t see you) and go to a no kill shelter. Drop them off as strays. Don’t mention your neighbors at all.

You can probably Google for a shelter in your area.

If you prefer to, and if you can….take the cats to the vet, say they’re strays,…and get the help you need from the vet, and turn the cats into indoor cats and keep them as your own pets.

Depending on the laws of your city or town, your neighbor can get into trouble for allowing the cats to stray around the neighborhood, so you’re not stealing the cats, they’re strays. Your neighbors are already breaking the law by allowing their cats to stray and trespass.

This is how I got my first cat. I found her and took her in and she became my cat. To hell with the so-called owners. they don’t deserve the cat. And guess what? Nothing happened.

does using motor oil cure mange in cats?

NO! It won’t cure it, it will make the cat sick when it cleans itself.

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What test do I need to do to make sure my pet has mange?

This video contains information that can be found at . It also tells about dog skin scrapings.

Duration : 0:3:25

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is there a way to cure mange?

i live in the country. someone dropped off a pregnant dog that has mange. she had her puppies yesturday. there is no animal rescue out here or shelter. is there anything i can do for her without taking her to the vet?

Take her to the vet! She needs to be diagnosed to make sure that’s what it is, and she AND the pups will need to be treated. The vet will have the only effective, safe method for treating the pups. If you use an OTC product or home remedy, it can kill mom and/or pups!! If it is mange, you will need to be VERY careful…it can be passed to humans. If that’s not acceptable, find the nearest animal shelter or rescue, or call the police to pick her up (they’ll have somewhere to take her). Every state has somewhere to take unwanted animals. It may mean a long drive, but it sounds like you won’t be able to care for her anyway. Plus, any dog found (even if you think the owner left her at your house) needs to be reported to the police or a shelter or have an ad placed in the paper. If she is actually missing and you keep her you are breaking the law. The best thing for everyone here is simply to call the police or take her to a shelter.

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Cat Skinny and losing hair and vomiting?

My cat is skinny, losing her hair and vomiting. She is having regular bowel movements and urinating ok. Tried worming, hair ball treatment but nothing worked. She is never allowed outside but one time she did get out because I was trying to shoo away another cat that was antagonizing her through the patio door. She and this cat immediatly fought. My cat has no claws and it was hard to get this other cat away. The other cat bit her and scratched her. This was about 3 months ago. My cat lays around alot more than usual. She is about 4-5 yrs. old. She does not act like she is in any pain. Anyone have any ideas? Her skin is just hanging off her belly and her hair looks awful but not like mange or anything like that. Just thinning out. Oh I have also tried several different food thinking she might have been allergic to the food. But nothing has helped or changed anything.
I adopted her from the pound about 3 yrs. ago. She has not had any shots since then because I was stupid enough to think that since she was inside all the time, I should not have to worry. Her bite was not a big one and scratches were not that bad either. They did not get infected. I put peroxide on them.
I have been afraid to take her to the Vet because I am thinking he will say to put her down. If so I have learned a big lesson. If you keep your cat inside all the time accidents still happen and they still need their shots updated. Poor Oreo and now I am going to have to explain this too my 4yr old special needs little boy who just adores her. I hate to admit it that money is an issue when you have a special child to take care of too. I know, you don’t have the money to take cat to Vet, you should not have the cat. 🙁 🙁

Frankly, I think you need to go to the vet.
It could be signs of feline leukemia (sorry), or an other kind of less dangerous illness, but your cats symptoms are pretty serious. Don’t let it go worse.

It’s true vets are pretty expensive, and for an indoor cat I would not do vaccines either, also because it’s pretty controversial – no need to feel guilty about it.

Maybe you can explain to your child that the cat is very sick, so there will be less to explain in case the worse happens. Children have to learn one day about life and death. It’s tough but necessary.

How can I tell if my cat has mange?

My cat has recently been venturing outside despite my attempts to keep her in the house, since she last went out and came back I have noticed hair loss on her ears and today i came to discover a large patch and a smaller one of missing hair on her leg, there are several red marks and sores and little scabbing on the skin where the hair has gone missing…. do you think its mange or something else?

Sounds like your cat is getting into fights with other cats. You might want to bring her to vet to be sure. And don’t open the door with her near it, if she goes near it squirt her with a squirt bottle. She doesn’t need to go outside, doesn’t seem to safe.

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