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Is Iverhart Max the best mange preventative? ?

One of our dogs has mange, we are treating it for her and keeping her away from our other puppy and cat. I am curious though if Iverheart is the best mange preventative. I like to be safe rather than sorry.

We have taken the puppy and cat to the vet and they do not have mange. But I’d like a good preventative just incase.
I’d like to add that the mange she has is the scarcopatic (however it’s spelled) kind.

Iverhart Max is not a mange preventative. It is, however, a great heartworm prevention that aids in controlling intestinal parasites such as roundworms. Ivermectin (an active ingredient in Iverhart Max) is used to treat sarcoptic mange, but the dose that is used for heartworm prevention in Iverhart is not high enough to treat sarcoptic mange.

If you are looking to prevent mange, keep your puppy and cat away from the dog with mange until the mange has been successfully treated. Using the product ProMeris (a flea and tick prevention that does treat mange as well) may be something to think about, but ProMeris also has some side effects (such as lethargy and a potential for reaction) that you should be aware of.

Discuss it with your veterinarian and see what they think. I would be hesitant to give something an animal didn’t need at this time to treat something they do not have. Now, keep the puppy on Iverhart! It may not do mange, but it is a great heartworm prevention that is very important.

Good luck!

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